About the Book: Revamping business with modern marketing is depends on Marketing challenges n Advanced skill set required for business in the digital Era

About the Author: Navnath Mohan Darekar has completed his bachelor’s in Engineering in the field of Instrumentation and Control from D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pimpri. After engineering, he completed his master’s degree in Digital Marketing from Amity University, Dubai. He is a founder of the NMD organization based out of Pune. Apart from his own venture, NMD Pvt. Ltd., he has helped many organizations grow through his experience in digital marketing. He has been working as Head of Digital Marketing at Cinecraft Academy of Films & Television to develop their brand identity in the television industry. Not just it, he has worked with brands like Hotstar as a business analyst to improve the analytics of Hotstar! His hunger for knowledge & success has no limits. He is a qualified business analytical intelligence after completing his certification in Data Science studies from IIIT Bangalore. Apart from his technical & marketing knowledge, he is a sports enthusiast & very well-known cricketer. To contribute to his passion for cricket he has even started his own cricket club, Master Class Cricket Club in Pune.